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Arsenal of Megadeth es un recopilatorio de videos musicales, entrevistas, videos caseros y presentaciones especiales del grupo de thrash metal Megadeth. El album fue certificado oro en estados unidos y platino en Canada y argentina.

Ficha Técnica


1. "Peace sells..." film excerpt from "Talk Radio"
2. Peace Sells
3. Interview, 1986 compiled interview excerpts
4. Wake Up Dead
5. Penelope Spheeris intro* "Cutting Edge Happy Hour" interview
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. "So Far, So Good..." compiled interview excerpts w/ video rushes
8. Anarchy In The U.K.
9. No More Mr. Nice Guy
10. Marty Friedman audition [hidden track] unreleased audition footage
11. "Rust In Peace" TV spot for album
12. On the "Clash Of The Titans" tour, 1990* compiled tour footage excerpts
13. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due [MTV version]
14. "Mission Megadeth: Headbanger's Ball", 1991* compiled excerpts from 5/18/91 broadcast show
15. Hangar 18 [long unedited version]
16. Go To Hell [guitar version]
17. "Rock The Vote" 3 compiled promo clips
18. "Countdown to Extintion" TV spot for album
19. Symphony of Destruction
20. Symphony of Destruction [Edited Gristle version]
21. Skin O' My Teeth [new edit]
22. High Speed Dirt
23. Foreclosure of a Dream
24. "A Day in the Life of Hollywood", 1992* broadcast piece
25. Sweating Bullets

1. Evolver [excerpt]
2. Train of Consequences
3. Raw footage from "Train" video shoot* [hidden track] "making-of" footage shot on set
4. "Youthanasia" TV spot for album
5. Interview, 1994 interview excerpt (Nick on album cover)
6. "Night of the Living Megadeth", Halloween 1994
7. "MTV Most Wanted", 1995 broadcast performance on 3/28/95 show
8. Interview, 1994* interview excerpt (Dave on A Tout Le Monde)
9. A Tout Le Monde
10. Interview, 1994 contd. interview excerpt (Dave/Nick on shows & touring)
11. Reckoning Day
12. "Cryptic Writings" TV spot for Album
13. Trust
14. Trust music video rushes [hidden track] rushes from video shoot
15. "Cryptic TV" EPK for "Cryptic Writing" Album
16. Almost Honest
17. A Secret Place [no bouncing balls version]
18. Argentina, 1998 backstage/interview/distant live shots from arena
19. "The Drew Carey Show", 1998 broadcast show - Mustaine appearance
20. "Risk" teaser film
21. Insomnia
22. Sweating Bullets [live at Gigantour, 2005]
23. Peace Sells [live at Gigantour, 2005]
24. Youthanasia album cover shoot raw footage of babies from album cover shoot

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Megadeth: Arsenal Of Megadeth

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